2016 Slides

2016 Presentation Slides and Links

Here’s the emerging list of presentation slides and other links related to the sessions from the event. Day 1: May 6, 2016 Baby Got Back(end) – How to Choose A Backend for Your Mobile App – Mike Astle Sweet ES6 – Ben Ilegbodu Build Interactive Analytics Using PowerBI – Mostafa Elzoghbi Going Native with React Native […]

Harry Wolff

Speaker Spotlight – Harry Wolff

Harry Wolff is a passionate front-end engineer based in New York.   He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with a focus on Web Development. After college he worked at GetGlue and Chartbeat where he was able to immerse himself in new front-end technologies such as Backbone.js, Angular.js, React and […]

Jason Bock

Speaker Spotlight – Jason Bock

Minneapolis-St Paul based, Jason Bock was born and raised in Wisconsin, where he attended Marquette University and earned a Bachelor’s, and a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Jason is currently employed as a Practice Lead at Magenic, and brings to the table, over twenty years of experience working on various business applications, using frameworks […]

Julien Melissas

Speaker Spotlight – Julien Melissas

Julien Melissas is personable, approachable and driven! He is a web developer who believes that if one does something, it’s worth doing right! He loves to learn about new technologies and development workflows, and devotes most of his time to working on front-end, but is comfortable working across other tracks. Julien cofounded, and functions as […]

Tim Dunlevy

Speaker Spotlight – Tim Dunlevy

Timothy Dunlevy currently serves as VP Engineering at PokitDok, where his focus is on developing a transparent healthcare platform for consumers, health care providers and all organizations that connect them. He brings 24 years of extensive and focused experience with information technology management, project management, life cycle development, software engineering, infrastructure design, hardware, network and […]